Author Topic: Engine bay: constant electrical clicking from under battery when engine off?!!!  (Read 2976 times)

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Back once again from the Renegade Master...

Ok MKIV Heads both Engine & possibly Electrical need a bit of knowledge...

SYMPTONS: Went to check on my car one evening recently that had been sitting outside as normal and could hear a weird constant ELECTRICAL clicking from battery area under the bonnet that I'd never heard before.
Click rate constant and about 2 to 3 clicks per second so not slow but not mega-fast.

Quick scan of Forums said dying battery, but no-no here as it's only one year old AND when removed to charge then put my Jumpstart battery in its place the clicking returned; so on battery health 100% ok!

Second option is car body / engine 'cooling down' : again nope as clicking is on 24/7 and car is weekend use only so not this unless it takes 7 days for an engine to cool down!

VCDS: Scan threw nothing up (Aircon recirculation flap not closing in cabin but pretty sure not related as ancient problem that comes and goes).

So this is where I need someone with good knowledge on the engine bay and where components are...

Getting my nut into area where the battery is (RHS front obs!) I am 100% sure clicking is coming from under the battery area so big question is what engine bay components live directly under the battery shelf and going further vertically down as impossible to distinguish which thing is clicking!!!

Heard of a Mechanics 'Jason' Stethoscope (TheSteth!) but before I lob some wonga on this and look a right bell-end listening to my engine bay can anybody help and list the parts immediately on the underside of battery bay and parts very close going vertically straight down?

Yup, could have posted in Electrical but would have got the 'it's an Engine' problem so no grumbling there!

Car is 1.6SE BCB Petrol if that helps...

Pics below of the area if can post but your knowledge will be better...note: ‘loose’ wire in final pic come from Climatronic Upgrade [yes I did it & still sweeet today!] so not hanging or broken wires just what have to do when converting from manual to auto AirCon...

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Are the radiator fans running on by any chance?
I think you'll find the fan controller is in that general area under the battery, these are known to go a bit loopy and get stuck on. Could be an early symptom?

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