Author Topic: Golf GTI 8v 1987 - Power Steering Upgrade - Pulley Question!  (Read 362 times)

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My first post! I have recently joined the 'dub club' as my mates call it and thought i would join a forum!

My first task, install a retro fit PAS upgrade. I have sourced all I need (except the pulley) for the update.

Q - Does anyone know if the crankshaft pulley (I have the original 8v one) has the PAS V pulley added to it, or, do I need to source a replacement crankshaft pulley with x2 V pulley drives rather than the x1 fitted stock (no PAS!) - hopefully I'm making sense!

If a new pulley is required, does anyone a) have the part number b) one for sale c) know of good links to the Golf parts catalogue

Regards, Edward