Author Topic: Clutch change on a Mk2 with an 'EX' engine rather than 'GU'  (Read 218 times)

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Hi there,

Looking to fit a new clutch assembly on my MK2 as it sounds absolutely terrible. Video here:

The rebuilt engine uses the engine code 'EX' Brazil manufactured block that came from a Golf Cab. The original block has the engine code 'GU' Mexico manufactured. Both 1800.

I'm curious to whether the flywheel would also need to be changed. Is there any way of finding out?

My Golf is a 1991 1.8L GL 8v. Clutch kit i'm looking for uses the part number: 027198141A


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Re: Clutch change on a Mk2 with an 'EX' engine rather than 'GU'
« Reply #1 on: 13 March 2019, 17:25 »
you would need to count the bolts on the flywheel. it will be either 9 or 6. if you pull out the plastic blank at the top of the bellhousing you will be able to count through there :wink: pretty sure the 1.8 had a 200mm 6 bolt clutch/ flywheel and the gti was 210mm 9 bolt.