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Gti got no boost
« on: 07 February 2019, 19:03 »
Techinical help!

Mk5 gti not boosting. It was left sat for a week or so when returned there was no power.

No engine codes only got codes for

lateral acceleration sensor incorrect basic setting

Brake pressure sensor incorrect basic setting

steering angle sensor incorrect basic setting.

I ran a vagcom log which shows when i drive the specified boost and actual boost pretty close which i would of thought indicates the turbo isnt gone also have fitted a new dv. I can push the wastegate actuator rod in and it springs back but it quite stiff. The turbo sounds to be spooling and you can see the actuator rod moving in and out.

The intercooler hose on the drivers side coming from the intercooler to metal pipe seems very soft and i believe its slightly sucking in under load is that a possible culprit.

Any other ideas i can have a look at?