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Anyone got my old golf
« on: 05 February 2019, 20:20 »
Hi everyone,

Has anyone seen or have my old golf on here?? i used to be a member and they was a golfGTI owners club sticker in the rear windows so maybe...just...maybe the owner has joined the club??

I sold her to a guy at work 4 years ago due to to me doing more miles and needing a diesel, i knew when i signed the documents it was a big mistake but my circumstances were different 4 year ago and needs must, but the condition when selling the car to the bloke was that he would give me 1st refusal when he came to sell it. 1 year passed and the bloke told me at work that he was thinking of getting a new car and he was going to sell it last Easter...i made it clear i wanted it back and to keep me informed. One morning he said he had bought a new polo and had sold the golf, i was livid!!!

He traded the golf in at the local vw garage for his new polo and didn't even bother telling me, since then i have been checking on the GOV.UK website and to my surprise the car is still on the road. Can anyone shread any light on this or point me in the right direction or any other websites i can find out more info? i loved the car and was gutted i had to sell it it was my pride and joy, i sent off for the 'V' form through Dvla with a letter attached explaining the above but in more depth and they replied saying they can't give away personal infomation

I posted on here some time ago and I was very lucky a guy had the car and was selling it, by the time I logged into this website some months later the car had already been sold, he tried to track down the owner but with no joy. Since then I've had no joy, if anyone knows who may have it or have seen it on her at some point please inform me or the person who has it that iam very interested in buying it back. This is my last hope in tying before I start looking and buying something else, sorry for the essay just like to explain myself the best i can.

Any help would be appriciated, thank you

The reg plate is Y745 KFM