Author Topic: Anyone have any old Max Power (or sim) mags from 90s they would like to sell?  (Read 136 times)

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Hi,  am interested in any Max power mags or similar especially from the 90s (All must be UK mags incase there are publication in other countries I don't know about).  Sorry but not just the od issue here and there more a complete collection or at least a near complete year.

I had looked on EBay but tossers want £7 a mag or something what's ludicrous.  Fact is a completed listing search reviles non of the 100s on there at stupid money ever seem to have sold. 

Anyhow, if anyone has any they dont want that were relegated to the loft many years ago or whatever please PM me.  You may make this 90 throwback very happy.  I dont mind paying a reasonable price. Id imagine the courier bill will be the biggest pill to swallow.  They will be going to a good home as I relive my glory days. Much better fate for them than contributing to your loft insulation dont you think ha
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