Author Topic: (Auto VR6) Kickdown intermitent  (Read 1394 times)

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(Auto VR6) Kickdown intermitent
« on: 28 January 2019, 17:44 »

 Sometimes when i kickdown hard I get the neck snapping desired result.  But others its like it really needs to drop yet another gear........ but doesn't.   It sometimes drops a cog and this puts the revs to the 4k range what is perfect.  But sometimes it only seems to kick down too 2.5 or 3k what for a kick down purpose is pretty weak. 

I have only owned my Vr6 for a month so still finding out the personal quirks.  Its immaculate and dealer serviced back to day one for 100k.

It drives faultlessly with no rattles on shakes or anything bad.   Except for this kickdown.   Also in the first week I had the opposite problem where it would not idel. IE if I was moving forward at say 30MPH it and took my foot of all pedals you would expect the car to gradually slow to a halt.  However mine would speed up.  The only way I could cancel this was the stop, put it in N and rev it hard.  This seemed to work temporarily.   Eventually I seem to have cured this problem.  I basically thrashed it in 1st 2nd and 3rd for a few minutes in each.  I was shocked when this seemed to do the trick.

Im wondering if the two are likely related. Im no mechanic, I have very little idea to the mechanical side.  But it would be great to get some pointers by some specialists on here so when I go to my garage who haven't seen a 20 year old car in forever, they don't keep fixing the wrong thing and ultimately spending my money.
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