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mk2 gti vin numbers
« on: 25 January 2019, 13:03 »
Hello to everyone
i join your forum in  hope that i could get usefull information regarding golf mk2 gti series.
i own one in this moment. its original gti 1987 16v and its on the way for complete restoration (till last bolt).

i have now opportunity to get some more gti's 16v from 1986 till 1990 including gti g60. I want to have more than 1 bcs i would like to restore this iconic cars (i build up 150 sq.m. workshop only for this). Therefore i have in this moment on reservation 3 golfs (2x 16v, 1xg60). What i want is to buy original cars therefore im asking you if there is someone here who can decode me vin numbers?
in generally i can decode number in the way of manufacturing year, location.
But im not able to decode if gti had 16v engine or 8v engine when left factory. this is what is most important for me to know. i think last 6 digits says this but unfortunatelly ETKA software has this info only till 1990 and younger.
i contact VW HQ, VW classic parts , VW museum....and noone cant or wont help me.

Anyone who can help me with this?

best regards

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Re: mk2 gti vin numbers
« Reply #2 on: 26 January 2019, 18:47 »
tnx for give me links
i check them all but mostly had wrong information about car. in my case it was written engine displacement 1.0 (car has 1.8l engine).
like i say i can decode all letters from vin number. those letters says which year car was produced, where it was produced....but letters dont says which engine type was in car when left plant

here is vin code which i want to check. i want see what type of engine car had when left plant. car is selling under name mk2 gti 16v.

last 6 digits says which model and what type of engine was in the car when left factory.
19 - says its golf mk2 (some of mk2 has 19E written)
H - means year of manufacturing 1987
W - means it was produced in Wolfsburg

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Re: mk2 gti vin numbers
« Reply #3 on: 29 January 2019, 18:18 »
there is a small plate on the inner wing behind the air box on the mk2's. not sure if that will help or not, but worth a look :wink: