Author Topic: I might well be slightly unhinged! Speeduino build and install on 2.0L 8v AGG  (Read 1140 times)

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As per title, my AGG / PB mongrel mk2 digi ecu decided to inject wonderful amounts of petrol into my sump so....  I've just bought a DIY kit (I.E. loads of electrical thingamabobs in a big bag) for the Speeduino open source arduino based ecu, which runs tuner studio (as megasquirt).  I have literally no electronics experience and limited stand alone ECU experience. I feel a project (and some pain) coming on!  :grin: Will update once I've totally fubar'd the Mofo and need to beg for advice!  :rolleyes: Watch this space!
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why not just replace the ecu? :huh: