Author Topic: Movie: DIY For a Fast, Safe and fun Winterwash  (Read 626 times)

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Movie: DIY For a Fast, Safe and fun Winterwash
« on: 13 January 2019, 19:17 »
Tools and Products for a fast and safe Winterwash.  :whistle:

The Products in this Movie is really awesome! 😊, but the most important is to use Premium products. It´s more safe and fun!. And in the long run it is not so much more expensive..

Wheels tools
Bucket with Gritguard
Wash mitts or Glove
Cheap or used microfibertowel
Optional Big Brush for inside of the wheel. EZ Details , Wheel Wollies e.g.

Wheel Products
Shampoo, use the same as on the paint. But a little stronger dilution
Iron fall out, or Wheel cleaner. As the Britemax Fall out, Tershine Relive e.g.
Degreaser as Britemax Grime out, Tershine Extract e.g.
Optional Quick Coat ( to protect from salt e.g. ) Britemax Spray and Shine, Tershine Refract, Auto Finesse Finale e.g.

Paint tools
Bucket with Gritguard for Rinse
Bucket with Gritguard for Shampoo
2 Wash mitts  One for upper part and one on the dirtiest lower part.
Smal Brush for emblems and tight places
1  Big Premium ( or 2 small ) microfiber towels for the paint
1 Used och cheap microfiber towel for door sills e.g.
Optional some kind of blower to the grill and tight places.

Paint Products
Premium Shampoo as Tershine Purify S, Britemax Pure Max
Degreaser as Britemax Grime out, Tershine Extract e.g.
Strong degreaser as Gtechniq, W7 Tar and Glue, Auto Finesse Oblitarate
Optional Spray vax or sealant. As Tershine Refract or Auto Finesse Finale

That was a lot of things?! ☹…

But i use many more things on a proper summerwash. As Glas cleaner, Trim and tire dressing e.g.

Or you go to the "Scratch my car" Automated Carwash!   :wink:
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