Author Topic: Golf 7-5 V. Golf 8 cost cutting  (Read 1732 times)

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Re: Golf 7-5 V. Golf 8 cost cutting
« Reply #20 on: 07 June 2020, 19:36 »
I think my next Golf is an Audi, it has gas struts, dash buttons and looks better. Sorry VW.

And if its anything like the last A3 its about 6k more expensive than the Golf.

I'm sure I could have someone hand build me a custom gas bonnet strut for that.

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Re: Golf 7-5 V. Golf 8 cost cutting
« Reply #21 on: 28 June 2020, 18:55 »
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Re: Golf 7-5 V. Golf 8 cost cutting
« Reply #22 on: 28 June 2020, 19:42 »
Like a not insignificant amount of people, I can't lift a heavy bonnet without a gas strut. one of the reasons I always bought a VAG car. I'm not buying a car if I can't even fill up the screenwash.

Not that I would buy one anyway, the whole new Golf/A3/Leon/Octavia line up is pretty hideous and really naff, inside and out. I can see myself getting a late 7.5 when the time comes and keeping it for a very long time.

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Re: Golf 7-5 V. Golf 8 cost cutting
« Reply #23 on: 02 July 2020, 15:32 »
I have to say I like the external look of the Mk8 - I've seen one out and about and thought it looked pretty smart. I've not had a chance to sit inside one though so can't comment from direct experience. However, from reading several reviews as well as watching that You Tube comparison, these are my thoughts :_
1. It is clear that the Golf (and VW in general) are downgrading the quality of their interiors. There seems to be lots more hard touch plastic than there used to be. The T Roc started that trend and other models seem to be following. Can you imagine spending £40k on a T Roc R and having a hard plastic dashboard. I'm sorry but that isn't good enough in a car costing that much.
2. Whilst reserving judgement until I've actually tried it, I'm not convinced by this touch control stuff. I'm quite capable of using touch screen gadgets but normally I'm not using my phone/tablet at 50mph whilst trying to steer a car in a straight line. On the wife's Mk7 R it's so easy to change the temperature and stuff like that with a simple knob or button. It comes down to a simple matter of safety - am I likely to drift into the kerb or into an oncoming car whilst I'm searching for a slider or through some menus? The idrive on my 3 series is a doddle to use and I can twiddle the knob and press it to get through menus without taking my eyes off the road. Consequently, I'm more likely to stick with BMW in a few months time when the PCP is up rather than go back to VW because it's safer to operate.
3. Price. I've said this before, if you're going to charge premium money it has to look and feel premium. Otherwise, why bother paying the premium? I suspect the GTi and the R will be well over £30k, possibly nearer £40k and that's a big ask for what is still only a Golf. I have sat in the new 1 series which is admittedly a bit Marmite in the looks department but that does feel premium and high quality inside.
So all in all, a mixed bag for me. Having said that I've been critical of VW before and ended up with another so I know I will consider one!! And you'll all call me a hypocrite when I end up with another GTi or R - the photos of the new R look really smart!!!!! :)