Author Topic: Looking for a "what to look out for" guide when buying please  (Read 833 times)

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Hey All

Is there a guide on here on what to look out for when buying a mk6 gti out of interest?

I have seen a 60k mileage gti that i like the look of and it would be really helpful if there was some kind of guide here that i can follow :)


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Re: Looking for a "what to look out for" guide when buying please
« Reply #2 on: 12 January 2019, 22:45 »
Add to it.
. Front wing rust. Botton near sill and middle of arch above wheel.
. Rear hatch rust in badge mounting.
. Carpet check not damp and check window switches work as inner and outer door seals fail.
. Door locks fail check all lock and unlock.
. Main rear crank seal fail. Oil leak from between engine and gearbox.
. Sunroof if fitted seal failure. Check for damp.
. Window regulators.  Check all windows work.
. Rear shocks or bushes. Clongs from rear.
. Front subframe bushes. Clongs from front.
. Handbrake. Calipers can stick.
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