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Re: Low coolant warning
« Reply #20 on: 10 January 2019, 14:26 »
I'd agree, if its a leak, its tiny - the amount of fluid I put in to get from warning level to the max marker was tiny tiny tiny - probably not even a coffee cup's worth.

I'm at 18 months and 32k (miles) on the clock.

My question though - is it expected that without a leak (ie "normal") that the level NEVER changes?

And therefore if it is normal for a variation over time, it will be a service item? ie you could possibly never see the warning because you mileage isn't sufficient between services to ever get the warning? (most people on here seem to own "garage queens"  :laugh: )

I think even if there is an inherent tiny leak, normally the regular service intervals where all fluids should be checked are close enough for the dealer to top up if necessary without taking any further action. But when dropping as quickly as in some cars like mine then the leak comes from something else (defective housing).

No garage queen by the way! Car is driven almost every single day, just fortunate to work a mere 10km from where I live.