Author Topic: Golf 2.0 agg misfire and a story  (Read 596 times)

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Golf 2.0 agg misfire and a story
« on: 03 January 2019, 20:10 »
Hi all

Bought my first vw 2 months ago as a fixer upper, love the drive and the feel but..the lass has issues.
Started on the way home from buying the car lol.
Judder kick judder dead. Luckily at 30 and coasted to park up fighting heavy brakes.
No turn over no click dead batt so left her and got the bus.
Returned in the morning in my van with tools and new bosch silver battery.
Replaced battery and went over engine bay checking for obvious stuff.
Found the alternator cable had melted at the O connector on the starter. Still had half so reattached.
Dizzy cap also corroded. Good 5mm of build up on the contacts so scraped it off and cleaned. Also cleaned throttle body for good measure, not massivly dirty but restricted around the edges.

Got her started and home and she's now the daily due to necessity and the misfire/hesitation i have is driving me nuts.

Stuff installed so far :

Scrapper maf - 1.3v output at idle?
Air filter
Fuel filter
Spark plugs
2 sets of leads
Ignition coil
Distributor cap
Rotor arm
Crankcase breather pipes
Coolant temp sensor
There was white sludge in the crank case pipes and they were squishy so not breathing
Hoping white sludge is down to thermostat which was stuck open
Last weekend changing the thermostat i found the crank sensor wiring had corroded and the copper wires were bare and twisted.
Cut the cable halfway and removed the outer sheath and slid heat shrink over the wires up to the bare copper at the sensor.

This week she's been getting up to temp which is great but the misfire/ hesitation is still there only worse when hot hence the new temp sensor fitted and the mis is still there xD
Fitting a new crankcase sensor this weekend but all the forums say when it goes it cuts out the engine completely which it hasn't done.
Also going to change the oil and filter..
Had the car on vcds got maf sensor and intermittant wiring fault. Tested the scrapper maf as mine was bad and it smoothly goes up in volts when revved but idles at 1.3 with the odd flick to 1.31. Poss due to mis?
The new distributor cap is fouled after a week of driving and there's electrical scarring on one side of the rotor arm contact. Definatly ignition timing out.
Checked the cam timing and rotor and it's fine so thinking it's a sensor fooling the ecu somewhere or bad earth but I've cleaned all I could find unless I've missed one or ones missing .
Also the cat looks please help

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Re: Golf 2.0 agg misfire and a story
« Reply #1 on: 04 January 2019, 11:08 »
I would not have a clue where to start , How about also putting this in the specific mk forum for the car below , there may be someone on it who knows what is up  with the car and can suggest something.
Good luck.