Author Topic: 1994 VW GOLF GTI 8V gearbox parts wanted 020  (Read 583 times)

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1994 VW GOLF GTI 8V gearbox parts wanted 020
« on: 01 January 2019, 13:05 »
Afternoon on new years day :cool:

 Ok,so i am after a few parts regarding the gearbox on my 1994 GOLF GTI mk3.

 The clutch arm housing at some point in the cars life,has been damaged part no.020301211C gearbox code is CHE.

 I have a spare gearbox for parts  code DFQ,alas the clutch arm housings look the same externally,but upon stripping the boxes,to swap over the clutch arm covers,the CHE gearbox,has an additional roller bearing within,the DFQ does not.

 Does anybody have,a clutch arm housing in good order part no.020301211C,or know which other VAG models,this CHE  020 gearbox may be fitted to,in order to source the part?

 Being a newbie,i cannot reply to PM yet.

 Many thanks in advance for any assistance