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New member, been lerking for years!
« on: 23 December 2018, 23:58 »
Just a quick message to say hi to you good people! Owned my Mk2 for 18 or her 28 years, mechanic by trade and just pulled the covers off the old girl after moth balling her for 4(ish) years. New babies have that effect on your pride & joy!  :smiley: Been a lurker for many years and RubJonny has been a constant source of info for many years (Good lad, aint he? Clever too!) So, will post a pic of the old beast when I work out how to do that. For the time being, Merry Christmas All!
Current: 1991 5dr 8v Gti. Ported and polished PB head, fast road cam, mk3 AGG 2.0l block, 16v box, corrado g60 clutch, full stainless, big bumper, loads of other stuff I've forgotten about.

Previous VW: mk3 Golf 2.8 VR6 skyline