Author Topic: VCDS GURU NEEDED - 2009 MK6 GTi TSi DSG 2.0 Turbo  (Read 725 times)


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VCDS GURU NEEDED - 2009 MK6 GTi TSi DSG 2.0 Turbo
« on: 01 December 2018, 11:04 »
Hi there, I'm trying to sort a very odd problem that has occurred on my wife's modified 09 Mk6 GTi.

Everything worked as it should initially, apart from a few fault codes for airbags, bulbs, radio etc as it had been modified by a previous owner (LEDs, race seats, harnesses, roll cage, stage 1 engine/dsg remap, etc)

The one thing she didn't like was the DRLs, so bought an older version of VCDS Ver.17.8.0, watched a couple of YouTube how-to's & switched them off, along with the alarm chirp as it has an aftermarket security system.

For some strange reason, the centre boot release button on the remote has stopped opening the tailgate.

Out with VCDS again, but cannot figure out what the problem is. The really confusing issue is that, going through the "OUTPUT TESTS" the boot latch does not operate - until triggering the "tank flap" test.

The car has a manual tank flap, NO lock motor!

It seems to think that the deck lid lock is now a tank flap lock. By toggling the tank flap option within the CENTRAL ELECTRICS "coding" the boot latch will pop when unlocking the doors, but when pressing the centre boot release button, the indicators flash once. I have just changed the boot lock for a new unit, but has made no difference.

Could the Central Power Distribution module somehow confuse the input/output signals? is there anyway to "FACTORY RESET" the system???


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Re: VCDS GURU NEEDED - 2009 MK6 GTi TSi DSG 2.0 Turbo
« Reply #1 on: 24 December 2018, 00:22 »
Hi, initially I would suggest reversing everything that you did previously on VCDS and see if that sorts the issue. Failing that someone with way more VCDS knowledge will be along shortly.  :smiley:
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