Author Topic: What detailing haven't you done today?  (Read 10316 times)

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Re: What detailing haven't you done today?
« Reply #40 on: 15 September 2020, 20:59 »
You kept that quiet! White really suits it, looks great! How are you finding this over the last one?

Thanks! I did keep it quiet didn’t I :grin:. I didn’t say anything over on forum either until I’d taken delivery (ordered mid Feb, collected last Wednesday, so nearly a 7 month wait). I’ve not had a white car for 24 years, and there’s only five colours to choose from with the GTI (Red, Black, White, Grey or Blue), so white it was.

I’m really liking it. No manual option for the Polo GTI, so this is the first non-manual car I’ve had in over 40 years driving. Compared to the previous generation car, this one is more refined, the ride is more compliant - even on the larger wheels, it’s better equipped and it’s noticeably larger; it takes up almost as much space in my small garage as my mk6 Golf did. It’s the ‘Plus’ model; Plus = lots of extra standard equipment over the normal GTI for not a lot more money, so going for the Plus was a no brainier.

Thought I’d have what might be one last blast in a normal ICE car before being forced down the electric route.
2020 Polo GTI Plus
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