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Rough idle and oily plug
« on: 03 November 2018, 22:48 »
Hey folks,

So I done something stupid last week... I was going on a couple of hundred mile round journey. Before setting off I topped up the oil, and when I was a few hundred metres down the road the car began to shake very violently. It was at this point I remembered I hadn't put the oil cap back on!!! So I jumped out tightened it and went on my way. Throughout the day I noticed at points the car would shake at idle quite a lot. I know GTI's have a tendency to vibrate slightly at idle, but this was a lot more than usual.

A week later and I haven't driven the car at all really since this, but the problem is still there. I thought it may have been a coil pack or something, but I changed all the sparks and coil packs today and the problem is still there. One thing I noticed was what appeared to be oil on the threads of a couple of the spark plugs...

Here's a link to a video of the noise it's making -

and a pic of one of the plugs

I'm driving an 07 DSG. Any help greatly appreciated!