Author Topic: HELP Replacing 19" Santiago's with Clubsport OR?  (Read 1341 times)

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HELP Replacing 19" Santiago's with Clubsport OR?
« on: 23 October 2018, 14:33 »
 Afternoon guys,

First time poster and i come to you with something that has been keeping me up at night this week.

Had a bump in my Golf over the weekend causing the front left alloy to buckle and rip into the tyre and a similar case with the back left but the alloy is still intact. 2 new tyres, 1 new alloy.

I am looking for 19" Santiago replacements but have found someone selling a genuine club sport alloy..

Question: Would the above work as a replacement for the front left while the other three alloys are Santiago's as long as the tyre size is equal across all four?

Finding individual Santiagos is rather difficult! Appreciate any help or advice.


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Re: HELP Replacing 19" Santiago's with Clubsport OR?
« Reply #1 on: 23 October 2018, 20:05 »
Dedicated Mk7 forum this way

Having odd wheels doesn't seem the best idea to me. Not only will it be a bit daft looking, but even if the tyres are matched, you will also need to ensure all wheels are the same weight, otherwise the balance could be affected.

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