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Sticking Gears Issue! ( 5 Speed)
« on: 18 September 2018, 20:57 »
Hi all,

I have a Golf 4 1.8T AUM and am slowly getting it back on its feet after its last owner gave up and sold it to me for basically nothing.

I took it for a quick spin after taking delivery of it, an noticed the horrendous clunking and crunching from the suspension and the front wheel bearing grinding...

I have changed the springs  ( 3 out of 4 were broken) and replaced the front bearing with the help of our workshop press...I have also changed the rear pads and discs too.

Since doing all this and taking it for a spin, the gears wont engage with the engine running...( tho will when engine off)..the car lurches when in gear from first and key on...I have attempted to reset the cable linkages at the stick and gearbox ends...this seemed successful tho am not entirely sure the plunger on the box was supposed to depress as far as it did and also the locking tab seemed to spin a little too freely and little resistance was felt...however the plunger did depress and an "off engine" cycle of the gears seemed ok.

The upshot is..the gears are mega stiff and reverse is impossible to engage withough serious grinding, which im not prepared to do...

According to the reciepts fround in the bundle of paperwork that came with the car, there was a 3 piece Valeo cluch fitted last I dont rate Valeo, never have and would have personally gone for LUK or came in at a cost of £109, which is waaaay too cheap if you ask me...there was no hint of a new Slave or am unsure

my next idea is to change the Transmission fluid and check for brake fluid at the box....

I would be very grateful for any ideas on what else to do...sadly my current workshop doesnt have a ramp and I dont fancy doing gear boxes on stands...

Many thanks for reading this essay..

hoping to hear from you all!!!

Martyn :smiley: