Author Topic: Need Urgent help with my 1.8t  (Read 565 times)

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Need Urgent help with my 1.8t
« on: 17 September 2018, 15:19 »
so, the other day my car threw a massive hissy fit and idled really rough & had no power. after much messing about I solved it by cleaning up grounds under the battery tray & re aligning throttle body.


I pulled out of work today (2 days later) and all of a sudden its idles started jumping again and I had no power. I also noticed the break pedal became rock solid and wouldn't stop the car. You can put your foot flat to the floor and the car revs as it pleases and stalls.


Im getting codes for throttle actuator & position sensors (Like I was before)
Malfunction in circuit for lamda (B1 S1)
I also got a code for pressure drop between turbo and DV, I found a split in the pipe that goes from top of the recirc which ive just changed.

Has anyone got any tips/advice for me?
2002 Golf Gti 1.8T (AUM) LC9Z