Author Topic: ABT Engine Control Module for Golf GTi mk7 (PP) (no longer for sale)  (Read 774 times)

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Hi All,

I am unfortunately looking to sell my 2017 mk7 Golf GTi DSG (PP). It's a fully loaded car with Sunroof, DCC, Dyna-audio, tech-pack and keyless entry. However, that is not the reason for this post.

Since 1700 miles I have had the ABT Engine Control Module fitted which enhances the GTi's performance to R and Cupra levels (perhaps more a Cupra given FWD traction). Unlike a remap, the existing engine management unit remains untouched with the ABT module sitting in between it and various engine sensors. The car has had an oil service at a main dealer who did not bat an eyelid - was more interested to know how the performance was enhanced.

The unit was installed by Richter Motor Sport in Milton Keynes and will subsequently be removed by them in the coming weeks or could potentially be transferred into a new vehicle (see below) 

Some information on youtube about the module itself.
See here -->

and see here for what Mr JWW thinks about it on his Audi S1

The headline figures for the module are below, in the real world it transforms the GTi into something really quite special. It's not a slow car to start with but it just gives it that little extra that the GTi should always have had. I didn't want to go down the route of an APR remap (or similar) but wanted something that fitted in with the existing setup (and safety controls of the car) but boosting performance.

Unit is installed on a PP model mk7, may be suitable for non performance models but would need to check with either Richter or ABT direct. Engine code is CHHA

I have run the module for 14,500 miles with no issues. It really does turn a great car into a very special one.

ABT module statistics
Bore: 82.5 mm
Stroke: 92.8 mm
Power: 221 kw / 300 bhp
at: 5000-6200 rpm
Torque: 420 Nm
at: 1500-4600 rpm
Top Speed: 260 km/h
0-100 km/h: 5.8 s
CO2-emission: 139 g/km
CO2-emission per bHP: 0.46 g/(km* bHP)

Looking for £650 for the module and would happily meet prospective buyers at Richter Motorsport swap the unit over and make sure the unit was working properly in the next car.

For anybody thinking about a re-map - I can't recommend this module as an alternative enough.

If anybody is interested please direct message me.

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