Author Topic: GTi 8v AGG Crankshaft Sensor  (Read 807 times)

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GTi 8v AGG Crankshaft Sensor
« on: 01 August 2018, 13:53 »
Good afternoon,

The crankshaft on my 8v GTi has been failing and causing the car to stall/cut out intermittently. This has become a daily occurrence.

An Audi mechanic ran diagnostics and found that it was indeed the crankshaft sensor failing.

I ordered the HAAS crankshaft sensor from Euro Car Parts. After having the Audi mechanic fit the part the car would crank but not start. We determined it was a shoddy sensor so the mechanic kindly ordered a Delphi sensor. He proceeded to fit the Delphi sensor. The car would still crank but not start!

Fitting the old faulty crankshaft sensor allows the car to crank and start up. It's even drive-able for a short while before it cuts out.

When the new sensors have been fitted the car is showing no faults upon diagnosis but simply does not start.

Any advice/suggestions?

Many thanks.