Author Topic: how does the satnav know about congestion when no data connection  (Read 2753 times)

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I have a 7.5pp and no fancy audio or nav. I sometimes use Google Maps on Android Auto but this question is not about that, it is about the built-in satnav.

Now I understand that you can get live traffic if you link the built-in satnav to a data connection, but I have not done that. However today, coming back to Cheltenham from Bristol it told me in Bristol that there was congestion on the M5. How could it possibly know this?

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Its knowledge is pretty accurate so worth paying attention to.
It also 'knows' about traffic congestion in France Spain etc.

I expect it knows is because it is very well connected  :whistle:

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It’s through DAB, if you go on traffic I’m sure it tells you the source of the data somewhere.