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Boot lock issues
« on: 19 June 2018, 22:42 »
Hi lads. Been some time AGAIN.

Iv been having issues with the boot lock. If i unlock the boot via the fob and i open it then alarm dont recongise the boot being open. I changed the boot lock which was faulty and had corrosion all over it (common rear wiper motor) anyway the small 3 pin plug was corroded, so i made 1 up at work. Now i have temp fitted it and the boot compartment light works fine but the alarm dont chirp when i lock the car only chirps twice when i unlock it. If i take the 3 pin plug off from the lock it chirps when i lock it and chirps twice when unlocked.

Iv seen a 2 pin plug and that has suppose to have a micro swich connected to it like below

This is were the 2 pin plug is:

Do any of you guys have this mounted on ur boot anywere or is it just there blank? If you do then were is the microswitch mounted to?
The boot lock is new and the wires are insulated for temp till i solder them.
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