Author Topic: 2008 GTi Mk5 5 door - rear suspension issue  (Read 2589 times)

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2008 GTi Mk5 5 door - rear suspension issue
« on: 04 June 2018, 18:21 »
Hi guys,

My bro-in-law is currently in the process of buying the above car. We went to look at it yesterday and one thing we noticed was the rear end was sitting higher at one side than the other. The dealer told us it was due to uneven ground surface. We took it for a test drive and pulled over at a service station and checked tyre pressures which were the same. Visual inspection of the shocks and springs doesn't reveal anything obvious. Car just passed MOT last month. Still higher on one side on level ground. Our scientific test was using our fingers. One side you could put 2 fingers in and would be touching the arch and tyre. On the other side three fingers fitted in with room to spare. Difference is approx 20mm.

Dealer said he'd have it checked out and fixed as he agreed there was a difference between the two sides. Got a text today to say he's had 2 mechanics check it out and can't find an issue. They've also said it's quite normal apparently?

Sound legit or walk away??

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 2008 GTi Mk5 5 door - rear suspension issue
« Reply #1 on: 06 June 2018, 13:06 »
Sounds to me like a previous owner has put lowering springs on it, and when one has gone, its been replaced with a normal OEM spring - a 20mm drop  sounds about right for lowering springs to me.
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Re: 2008 GTi Mk5 5 door - rear suspension issue
« Reply #2 on: 13 June 2018, 20:06 »
Definitely NOT normal.  My guess is a broken spring - which can be missed, depending on where it broke.  My other guess is that the selling stealer is trying to pull a fast one just to get a sale.

Which side is lower?
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