Author Topic: Loads of problems  (Read 2803 times)

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Loads of problems
« on: 07 June 2018, 19:05 »
1: First passanger and rear windows do not go down , you have to push the glass down to open the windows.
2: Drivers window motor cable has broke.
3: water from coolant has so many leaks from a metal pipe that goes around the engine. Iv patched it up 7 times in different places.
4: oil leaks into the air intake pipe from the turbo, you have to drain the oil out of the intercooler every few month.
5: rust.
6: it like to tick over at 2000 rpm when its cold.

Iv given up on it. One good thing is i still have the same tyres on it. They have lasted years.

Hope you guys are all well  :kiss:. Iv not been on this site for so long.   
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Re: Loads of problems
« Reply #1 on: 09 June 2018, 14:01 »
My mk4 was fine last time it moved (November). It got a strip down and minor overhaul over the winter. Can't wait to get back in it, and fix the next thing that falls off!

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Re: Loads of problems
« Reply #2 on: 19 June 2018, 22:22 »
Lolss funny post.
Golf = always fixing something. :evil:
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