Author Topic: Air Con Compressor Part number confusion – last letter?  (Read 1641 times)

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I have a 2001 VW Golf MK4 petrol 2 litre 5-speed manual car.

Air con compressor has just seized so looking for a used one. But, I’m a tad confused. I’ve taken a photo of the one in my car and the part number is:

1JO 820 803 G

However, looking on eBay, I see that these go for between £25 and £40 used. However, the final letter (in this instance, G0 in the part number code is different on most of them. Some are A, others K, some G etc. Even though the first part, i.e. “1JO 820 803” is exactly the same.

My question is (as there are no “G” ones on eBay) do I need to buy a used one with the exact part number with G at the end, or can I buy one of the others where the first 9 digits are exactly the same, only the final letter being different i.e instead of G, can I buy an A or a K for example?

Does anybody know what that final letter denotes?

Thanks guys.

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Anybody know what the last letter denotes?

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G is one for a petrol engine, made by Zexel. Diesels have different ones, other petrols may yet have others as well. And then there are different manufacturers.

I'd make sure to match part number (this includes letters at the end, also it's 1J0 as in zero, not O like a capital o).
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Often as the part is revised, the main part number stays the same but the letter on the end moves further along the alphabet. The idea that the updated part should still fit. Worth going to your local VW garage to check the part numbers.
I had to buy a new undertray recently and exactly that had happened. The part was slightly different but it fitted no problem.