Author Topic: 1st Gear and reverse won't disengage intermittent fault  (Read 1643 times)

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Hi guys. i desperately need your help.

I have a VW Golf GT TDI MK5 2005 2.0 Diesel that has a intermittent fault, sometimes i engage the 1st gear and disengage perfectly without any problems, but sometimes when i engage the gear it wont disengage, peddle fully pressed and stills the same, but when switch off the car, gear will disengage perfectly, also i have tried when it won't disengage with the peddle fully pressed i switch of the car and back on straight away without taking the foot from the clutch it will disengage and engage again perfectly we have changed the Clutch master cylinder, all clutch pipes, slave cylinder flywheel, clutch kit, opened the gear box to check bearings and gears all seemed fine, new fully synthetic gear oil everything has been change was replaced by main dealer parts.

Exactly the same happens with the reverse gear as well

Don't know what else to do.

Any ideas? Please let me know many thanks in advance guys
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