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« on: 18 January 2018, 15:41 »
Hi people, Ive been having " overboost " according to the tuning garage & they wont map it. Me and my mate discovered the actuator was nearly seized and I was only getting 5psi of boost, we freed it up and loosened the bolts and now it boosts to 8 psi but jumps to 10-11 psi athigh revs. Im assuming this is the actuator? I have no boost leaks etc.., Mods are;  3" Turbo back exhaust, Forge 008 recirc valve, K & N Panel filter.

Where can I buy a standard actuator? ive been looking on ebay and they are all labelled K03 , not K03S?
2002 Golf Gti 1.8T (AUM) LC9Z