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Advice on Head Units & MDI functionality
« on: 19 December 2017, 16:48 »
Hi guys,

Apologies if this topic has been visited before, happy for someone to point in the right direction or post.

Basically, I have an 09 MK6 Golf GTI with a RCD310 headunit and a MDI connector in the centre armrest. I've been thinking about upgrading to the RNS510 which would mean I can still use the MDI and steering wheel controls along with sat-nav.

However, I've also been toying with the idea of getting an aftermarket headunit for Apple Carplay. The problem with this option is that it would make the MDI connector obsolete, which would mean I would have a centre armrest with a piece of kit that is just taking up space.

What I'm after is to see if anyone has come across this problem and found a solution, whether a wiring harness or splicing the wires to work. Any advice and suggestions are welcome.

At this point I'm leaning more towards the RNS510 as it would be less hassle.