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Sat Nav updates
« on: 11 October 2017, 19:53 »
Yesterday I attempted to update my Discover Pro Sat Nav.

I failed, obviously.  Having found a new, unused, blank 32gb SD card and downloaded the updated maps on to my MacBook Pro, I discovered that the Mac doesn't have a programme to enable me to open the file and transfer it to the SD card.

Not the first time this has happened, us Mac users seem to fall foul of this sort of thing regularly.

However, the VW website tells me that I can approach my local dealer with cash or credit card in hand and they will sell me an SD card with the updates already on it.  Which is nice.

The instructions on the website inferred that once I have inserted the SD card into the appropriate orifice, updating the unit can take up to four whole hours, during which time the ignition needs to be switched on.

I do, therefore, have two questions:

1/  How much does the SD card cost from VW?  Does anybody have one with the recent map updates which they could be tempted to cut their losses on and sell to me for a reasonable price?

2/  Can the update be achieved by just leaving the SD card inserted, and letting it update as I drive, rather than leaving the car for several hours with the ignition switched on?

Any guidance or assistance would be appreciated.  Many thanks.