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Exhaust Polishing
« on: 06 February 2017, 08:52 »
Just thought I'd share this with you.

Id been contemplating one of the Mothers Cone Billet Polishers and came across the Carbon Collective attachment, it comes in two sizes - I went for the large one as its quite soft sponge so I knew it would compact into the JCW pipes.

The car was cleaned and taken indoors, the exhausts are kept pretty tidy but they needed a thorough job doing on them:-

I then give them a quick clay using our medium grade clay along with OCD Finish Clay Lube, once I was happy with the decon stage I moved onto the Britemax Metal Twins.

Stage 1 - Cut

I squirted some product around the inner rim of the exhaust and then inserted the Carbon Collective Billet polisher which was being operated by my battery hand drill (not a ver good one!!)

Stage 2 - Refine

Same process as above - however a bit more product and a longer buff

Then buffed off with one our MF cloths.

Overall pretty happy with the results.


Thanks for looking.

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Re: Exhaust Polishing
« Reply #1 on: 07 February 2017, 08:08 »
I suppose at this time of year the lawn doesn't need mowing  :whistle:

Red Mk6 gone replaced with a white Mk7 which has gone too. Green Mk2 here to stay.