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Hi All,

Currently a member on VWROC as I have an MK7 R but now as I am trading the Wife's GTD for a GTI PP I thought I'd join here to get the low down from other GTI drivers.

Paying £26k for a July 2016 car with 4K miles and balance of warranty.

I've just put down a deposit on a Deep Black GTI PP DSG with 19s, Big Nav, Leather, Dynaudio and Car Net.  I am actually not a fan of leather and only going for leather as the car was priced so well it was better than other non-PP and non-leather cars I was looking at.

I'd be very interested to hear feedback on the Leather, Dynaudio and Car Net as my R lacks both (will have a search thru the forum too).  I'll actually be driving this daily to keep the miles off the R so I am essentially getting the new car... :smiley: