Author Topic: Nextbase 512g Dash Cam  (Read 6752 times)

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Re: Nextbase 512g Dash Cam
« Reply #10 on: 20 November 2016, 12:07 »
Just to add they can also supply a Nextbase hardware kit, which is a piggyback fuse holder so therefore not splicing into any wiring!

If you want to come to Kent I'll sort it for you, just done another Golf 7R for a mate.

Hey thanks for the offer.
Is Kent near Brighton as Im thinking of taking my good lady there for a bit of shopping.
Im not very good at the section between Norfolk and Hampshire as you might have gathered, been around quite a bit but not that bit.

Cheers, 👍

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Re: Nextbase 512g Dash Cam
« Reply #11 on: 15 March 2019, 14:17 »
Apologies to bring this thread back to life.

I want to install my old dash cam to the GTI. What’s the best way to do this if I don’t want to hard wire? My older GTI (mk7, 2014) only has one USB in the cubby hole above the gear lever, and a cigarette socket next to the cupholders under the arm rest. These are the only two I have found anyways. I’m guessing the USB socket will power down when I turn the engine off and lock the doors? Will the cigarette socket do the same?