Author Topic: Placing a DAB Radio in a MK6 Golf. Not that simple!  (Read 1740 times)

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Placing a DAB Radio in a MK6 Golf. Not that simple!
« on: 30 October 2016, 01:36 »
Having looked at a few after market stores decided to stick to what I know and trust... went to Halfords. Settled for the #Pioneer DEH-X7809DAB. Add boy am I pleased. Its the best ever upgrade you could ask for.
Went to the dealer only to be given silly prices including options for aerials. not sure why they cant just fix a dab one seen in the new cars but anyway...
i live on the south east coast. Some parts dont even get phone signal but with the autoleads dab film antenna, i have no problem at all... that said this needed to be wired just right (including power,aerial adaptor, booster). I do suggest all this is professionally fitted. makes a real difference than a diy job if u havent got experience.
search on google how to remove the air pillars, tip screw lies under the "airbag" tab. dont worry there are no airbags in an a pillar!
wires can fall into glove box and then into radiio section through inside of glove box. as does mic lead. clip mic onto top edge just near middle mirror. rest of wire can be clipped into the ledge with cable tie tips becoming little holders! also run a red wire to power box by drivers steering wheel so radio cant stay on when car switched off (didnt see this bit be be more exact).
The FP1703 VW Facia (autoleads again) is perfect.
i have perfectly clear #dab radio now! the colours can be made to stay on red (with brightness down) matched with all the rest of the mk6s lights. USB is very useful for charging stuff. bluetooth makes everything wirefree and hands free was amazing.
Yes i cant find a single moan yet!
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