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R side skirts problem....
« on: 28 September 2016, 10:44 »
Morning,  has anyone any experience regarding the fitting of the 'R' (bluemotion) side skirts on a MK6 GTI at all?

My R side skirts were already on the car when i brought it 2 years ago (car is 61 plate), over the last year or so ive noticed the drivers side skirt is coming away towards the rear, it mostly comes away from the body when left in direct sunlight, due to heat i guess.

Ive tried Tiger Seal to get it to bond and even some epoxy in places but it wont have it, on the american forums this problems seems a common occurrence when retro fitting these skirts and some people have had to put a small push fixing in the back (in the wheel arch) to stop it coming away.

Ive had a look underneath and all the screws are in place, but makes me wonder if there is a missing a clip of some sort....may have unscrew and take it off and take a look.

It looks worse in real life then in the photo, it comes away further than that aswell

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