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DTUK tuning box
« on: 22 April 2016, 19:27 »
I'm looking for some info & advice please,

I've had my GTD for 2 weeks now, 600 miles on the clock, I'm interested in getting a DTUK CRDT+ box but I'm unsure about a few things, such as is the mileage too low to put a box on it, not run in enough etc etc

Can a DTUK box be detected by the dealer when it goes in for any work or servicing??

The one I've seen is a used box, been used for 6 months apparently, is it a bad idea to buy a used one and best to buy new??

And other help or advice appreciated plz
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Re: DTUK tuning box
« Reply #1 on: 06 May 2016, 11:16 »
Have fitted a CRD-T (older style with jumper pins) on our GTD @ 350miles. Bought second hand for £200

Car was already driving nicely as standard so saw no real reason to delay.

I suspect they box will be detected if the dealer searches hard enough- however if you remove it for routine servicing etc there won't be an issue.

I have the map on setting 4+1 & it has really livened it up. (Newer boxes only gave 3 programs) No idea on the real world gain- it's got to be wel up over now 200bhp though. Power delivery is like stock but pulls much harder. It is genuinely quick & responsive in sport mode now.

Not had a chance to compare it with anything else but it must be mk7 GTi quick- in gear times are seriously impressive!

These boxes may be relatively crude compared to a remap, however you always have the ability to return to stock & to sell it on :smiley: Certainly does what it claims anyhow!