Author Topic: Sun blinds for rear windows (now updated with mini- review)  (Read 2994 times)

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Re: Sun blinds for rear windows
« Reply #10 on: 09 May 2016, 12:47 »
Just a quick update (a mini-review I guess)...

Its been a couple of weeks since I've had the blinds and didn't fit them for a few days due to being busy and the crap weather.

The instructions are ok, but not great. It's not completely obvious from the pictures shown how the clips go on. I tried to look for a video online but couldn't find anything with the specific type of clip for the golf. In the end I just figured it out myself.

The set of blinds comes in a bag, with 2 blinds for the sides and 2 for the back window. I didn't put the back ones in as I didn't see the need as the child seat is front facing and I like to be able to see out of the rear-mirror properly. You get a bag of clips - 4 for the side windows (2 per window) and 2 for the back. You also get a tool (bent bit of metal  :smiley:) to help you pull the window seal back to fit the clips in.

As you can see from the following pics, you pull the window seal back and put the slot of the clip over the ridge o the window frame (?) that sticks out, and then put the rubber back. That's it to install the clips.

Then it's simply a case of putting the blind into the 2 clips, angled end towards the back of the car first. There's a fabric tab on one side of the blinds to help with removal should you need to, so this should go to the inside of the car.

All done! (as my almost 2 year old daughter likes to say at the moment)  :laugh: ...

Close-up of the fabric...

A pic from outside the car... you can barely see in now...

Am very happy with them, and I can't imagine the VW ones would be any better for double the price. Not had too many sunny days when I've had my daughter in the car since fitting, but I do think they make quite a difference, and they don't rattle around against the window or trim at all.


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They look great, a really neat solution :smiley:
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The only downside of these (and this really is a very rare occurrence) is that passport control can't see who's in the back seat even with the window down.
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