Author Topic: 140 gt tdi to 230bhp??  (Read 8566 times)

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Re: 140 gt tdi to 230bhp??
« Reply #10 on: 13 April 2016, 20:11 »
And although complex there are some exceptionally good hybrid turbo manufacturers around. You just have to look hard. AET supply badger5 with there hybrids and badger (Bill) speak for themselves around reliability and safe realistic powerful results

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Re: 140 gt tdi to 230bhp??
« Reply #11 on: 17 April 2016, 18:50 »
ive just relooked and only just noticed that :whistle: , im begging to understand about the bhp thing, ive been in touch with a live mapper who says that tdi's want torque not so much bhp its the bottom end grunt you want, AET turbo quoted me 495 for a hybrid turbo in p/x for my turbo which bolts straight on, ive also been told to get an s3 intercooler, hard piping egr delete, decat exhaust, better filter and remap and i should see some low down torque. a mate of mine whos got gt tdi put the idea in my had about a one thats already been done but cant find a single one but if anyone knows one please let me know as ive got cash waiting needs to be 5 door though, if you could give me a few links to some hybrid sites you know of ive be grateful  :smiley: