Author Topic: What detailing have you done today?  (Read 376904 times)

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Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Reply #2160 on: 27 February 2021, 00:42 »
Ok. So I know it’s not a Golf anymore but just wanted to show you my car now it’s been detailed and ceramic coated in case anyone needs convincing about getting a ceramic coating done 😎
All paint  given a decontamination wash and gloss enhancement then treated with a coat of Kamikaze Miyabi then another coat of Kamikaze Zipang for a deep glossy shine. Wheels removed and treated with Kamikaze Stance Rim. Brake callipers also treated with Stance Rim All exterior plastic trims given a coat of Gtechniq C4 and Glass with Gtechniq G1

@JB GTI; that’s one super shiny Mini. That colour will really ‘pop’ in the sunshine - looks great and you must be well pleased with the results.

Thanks. I am really pleased with the outcome 😎
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Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Reply #2161 on: 01 April 2021, 11:36 »
So a question:

Just how effective is the coating on the brake calipers? Would imagine that the constant heating cooling would tear it off in next to no time? Did detailer have any info on this or is there anything from the supplier of the coating that I can look at?

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