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Hey everyone, putting this out there to drum up a bit of interest.
I've not spoken to xcarlink yet but I've seen from google searches that they have done group buy offers before to other car forums.

For those of you that don't know, xcarlink adapters allow iPod/iPhone, USB, SD card, AUX and (with additional adapter) Bluetooth integration to factory OEM head units. I know most of us get rid of the standard beta/gamma head units but some people like me like to keep things looking OEM inside.

My plan is to pair my MFD to one of these:

If anyone else is interested in said device, or any other from their website please register your interest on this thread.

I will contact xcarlink soon to try and get some pricing/discount per number of orders etc.

Feel free to share this out to anyone who may want one, I will be posting on a few other forums to get the word out (ukmkivs, r32oc, etc).

Thanks for looking