Author Topic: Got a new turbo, need gaskets, and other bits, HELP! 1.9tdi BKC  (Read 5752 times)

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I've managed to source a new turbo for my 1.9tdi BKC, but I need a gasket kit, with copper washers etc. The turbo has 54431015090 written on the compressor
Turbo plate has this written on it The numbers on the plate say KK3 for the brand,
Grosse/kund-nr; 036 253 014 M-V020
Lader Nr; LF 710028368 00069
Ausf nr; 8V39A-0072
Does anyone know where I can get this from as I have no idea, I've looked at a few places with no luck.
I also have been advised to change the oil feed lines, but the prices are silly expensive for these, £200 all in for just lines seems pricy. If anyone knows where I can get these a bit cheaper that would be appreciated or if I could use my old lines? but change the washers etc?
Thanks in advance
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Hi let me know the reg and I will see what' I can do.
I sell elring turbo fitting kits with all gaskets and washers etc as needed (usually around £25-35) and the oil feed lines on my system show as £55 (no 9) and return line is £50 (no 5c). I would expect the turbo to have part 038253056E being a KKK?

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