Author Topic: Which head unit ?  (Read 2000 times)

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Re: Which head unit ?
« Reply #10 on: 21 September 2005, 19:17 »
Dizze, do you mean one of these ?

I've got this stereo mate - the quality of sound with the rest of my system is A1.... good value for money too...  :smiley:
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Re: Which head unit ?
« Reply #11 on: 20 October 2005, 09:14 »
Alpine or Pioneer, their just as good as each other but when it comes down to it pioneer all the time (go for the more expensive hu tho).

The tops and mids on the alpines are great, but the build in crossover sucks compared to the pioneer.

In my opinion the pioneer is more musical. Especially for the one sub, and front door component setup.
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