Author Topic: 01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)- HAVE RESEARCHED ALL DAY AND STILL NEED HELP :)  (Read 3955 times)

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Address 03     -------------------------------------------------------
   Controller: 1J0 907 379  H
   Component: ABS/EDS 20 IE CAN  0001
   Coding: 13504
   Shop #: WSC 00028
1 Fault Found:
01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)
            16-00 - Signal Outside Specifications

The ABS light has been intermittent for 6years.. usually never on again after restart and possibly comes on when I used the brakes firmly.

... until recently the light came on and stayed on for a week. then went. Now its back and has been on for 2weeks from engine start!

I have my MOT in 2 weeks and obviously need to get this fixed.

side note: may be unrelated but before ABS light became more permanent I was suffering from a slight vibration when lightly breaking. I thought warped discs?  :undecided:

Fix attemps so far:

  • Replaced and cleaned contacts of x3 30amp green fuses on battery fuse box
  • scrubbed and cleaned all other fuses in tray
  • Removed and visually checked wiring loom to ABS control module
  • Bought a different fuse box to replace
  • bought a second hand ABS pump and module to replace

Ive had other electrical problems before and I can see past melting on fuse box so good to replace anyway.

Im going to be at work all week and realy with one last day to attempt to fix myself before MOT hence the purchase of the ABS unit. How hard is it to change?

Have read the posts on cracking opent the lid of the ABS module and re soldering points...

So the light is on constantly still when ignition is on and everytime I click clear codes on VAGCOM it just reappears (not sure if thats normal, but guess its just sensing the same issue)

Any help or info that I may have missed would be very much appreciated


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it probably is the pump but it wouldn't hurt to chuck a multimeter on the plug to check you have power and good earth where you need them to be. cracking the module open to attempt the solder repair is really not a DIY job, i do a lot of intricate soldering and even i won't touch them. the pumps on a mk4 golf aren't really all that hard to fit so long as you're sure you can bleed the system properly afterwards. you may have to transfer the soft coding from your old pump (13504) across with vcds too. i suppose you could try plugging the replacement in without actually fitting it to see if you can clear the fault.. can't tell for sure really though until its up to pressure and bled.

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Thanks, I bought a second hand replacement and am going to get some of the labour out of the way myself.

Have no idea about the soft coding etc and will get all the work checked over by a mechanic when it goes in for an MOT.

Am just thinking at this point i may aswell give it a go as in 2weeks time when out of MOT i wont be driving it anyway!