Author Topic: Fiscon Basic Plus phone kit in a Golf Mk6  (Read 1093 times)

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Fiscon Basic Plus phone kit in a Golf Mk6
« on: 17 April 2014, 19:44 »
Just bought a Mk6 GT TDi and it has this kit installed, but I can't get it to pair or even try to pair with my iPhone. These pics below are what I get when I go to try and set it up. I downloaded Fiscon's manual but it had nothing in there to help me.

It's running with a RNS 510 head unit.

Any help would be awesome. Cheers!

Here's what I get in sequence when I go to set up pairing...

This is the version I'm running.

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Re: Fiscon Basic Plus phone kit in a Golf Mk6
« Reply #1 on: 01 May 2014, 23:01 »
I think you need to search for the Fiscon from your phone rather than the other way around.
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