Author Topic: New R1 carb'd Corrado 2.0 16v project  (Read 6203 times)

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New R1 carb'd Corrado 2.0 16v project
« on: 03 February 2014, 12:27 »
Seem to be finding myself using this forum more and more recently due to the vast amount of useful information!

Thought it only seemed fitting to put my build up on here to keep track of it and maybe pass on information to other people. Cant seem to post in the "dub projects" section so thought here would do with me being new and all that jazz :)

So where to begin…
Brought myself a lovely clean example of a 2.0 16v Vw corrado last year.

Other than the wheels it was untouched. First I fitted some AP coils and a set of bbs reps then onto a set of borbets, while doing little touches and general maintenance.

This is how the car spent the majority of last year until September when it decided to give up the ghost and die on me. The problem being caused by the KE-jet system fitted to the later 2.0l engines. After having replaced the metering head twise already I decided to pull the lot and rebuild the engine and car.

So plans for the build are :
- Stock bottom end
- Stock gearbox with G60 clutch
-KR head ported and skimmed
-ABF inlet and KR exhaust cams
-Vernier pulley (home-made)
-EDIS-4 megajolt ignition
-R1 carbs
-Strut braces (front upper and lower, rear upper)
-Mk3 gti 5stud widetrack conversion.
-General cleaning up and making a tidy install.

The build so far :
Engine came out -

Rear brace went in -

5 stud lightweight 2 piece forged wheels (need refurbing) -

Head skimmed and rebuilt with new seals etc -

Homebrew vernier pulley -

Began stripping the loom and cleaning the bay / painting crossmembers etc -

Comes up well for a 22year old car! -

And finally the gearbox finished in black and bronze/gold (same colour wheels will be) -

Thanks for looking, sorry for all the pics, just trying to get the thread upto speed! Advice and all input is appreciated!