Author Topic: Timing Chain tensioner Failure List (timing issue)- Please Update with Your Info  (Read 269918 times)

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Insurers will not payout! - It has to be a failed component. Now in my case, the chain tensioner was classed as failed as it was not pulling the chain fully tight.

Just thank god it wasnt a complete fail or new engine would have been needed.  :sick:
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I'm dropping the car off tomorrow I will keep you guys updated. Fingers crossed

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Sorry if I'm asking what's already been asked before but I've had my 59 plate GTI, 2.0 TSI with 53k on the clock 3 days and this thread has got me bricking it everytime I switch it on now. To the point I'm thinking of emailing the dealer I bought it from to ask for a refund!

It's just had a full service 3 weeks ago and it wasn't flagged up so what are my options if it were to go? I rang vw today and they said it didn't need replacing.

Would be great to hear some precautions I could take to try and avoid it.


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On 20 March 2014, forum member mikegti77 posted the below list of parts used/ labour fitting time towards taking preventative measures to minimise the risk of timing chain tensioner failure and potentially catastrophic consequential engine damage.

"... all prices below are plus VAT.  You maybe able to get anyway with less bolts, they changed what they thought required replacing to avoid re-using bolts.

06K109467K - upper tensioner x 1 (£35.56)

D 174003A2  - sealant x 1 (£28.19)

N 10552402  - hex bolt x 1 (£2.87)

N 10701501  - bolt x1 (£2.64)

N 90596906  - bolt x 1 (£4.87)

N 91029602  - bolt x 1 (£4.70)

WHT001760   - damper bolt x 2  (£4.18 each)

06H109210Q  - timing chain cover x 1 (£60.85)

N91096702 - bolts for cover plate x 10 (£0.16 each)

4 hours labour @ £42.00 "

There are Technical Service Bulletins on the problem which certainly main dealer VW garages can access.

Sid, if you want to take preventative measures, above is what you need to do/ have done. 

Have you listened to the linked sound byte at the very start of this thread as posted by Rocket Ross so that you can compare his timing chain rattle with how your car sounds on start up (you should listen to your car starting up with the bonnet up and your ears towards the left of the engine bay).

There is no need to panic, you just need to decide if your car sounds like it has symptoms (in which case return it to the seller for repair or refund); and if it has no symptoms you need to decide if you are prepared to pay to have the parts replaced just in case.

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That's great - Thanks for the quick response.

If I were to go to a specialist dealer like Sunset Vw in Derby would they know the list of components and kits to get?

Also what's the main dealer's view on replacing the tensioner and chain when it's still under warranty and wasn't flagged up as needed to be done on my last service?

As a preventative measure I think I'd rather pay and have the peace of mind - But with that in mind, what are peoples experiences of them going AFTER they've had it replaced?

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...So I went to see the specialist dealer and he said the car sounded fine with no rattling etc. He viewed the service booklet and said everything had been done and as there was no sound, rattling or previous issues the tensioner was better left alone as changing it might have a detrimental knock on effect on other components.

Went to see the main dealer and they were as helpful as a chocolate teapot. Out of warranty and basically no known problem as no recall. Amazing.

Again, he advised to take a warranty for peace of mind but just to make sure it covered everything.

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I'm exactly the same Sid. I purchased my 2010 golf GTi 2 days ago and was very happy til I read this thread. I'm now dreading owning the car because I had the injector issues with a previous Audi A4 I had which cost a fortune. I guess it's just case of hoping for the best and putting some money aside just in case.
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hi there guys,

I am going to pick up my new 2010 (i think it was first registered August 2010) tomorrow, had a test drive of about 30 mins so far and am so excited to pick it up.   :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

After reading this I am a little scared about this timing chain issue. Earlier in the thread it was mentioned that they put out a revision later on in 2010, my questions are,
1. how will i know if my new car will have the revised tensioner.
2. how reliable is the updated 2010 tensioner?

should i get it changed out ASAP for the latest revision or is the 2010 revision good to go?

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter. i have read through most of this thread and it does seam to affect 2009 and early 2010. i just don't want to be worrying if there is no need.

Cheers guys

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Ask to start the car up from cold and compare it with the video earlier in the thread linked on the first post. If it doesn't sound abnormal then just keep an eye on it. Is the purchase from a stealer or private?

The Tensioner has had several revisions (, as you can see from the list at the start of the thread some 2010 models have been affected but it appears less common than 09/59. Don't forget the older cars are likely to have had more starts than the newer vehicles.
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thanks poached, i will do that tomorrow when i pick it up. i have bought it from a seat dealer in fife. I'll keep an eye/ear on it after i get it home. it has 3 months warranty so should be ok. Also one of my mates owns his own garage so will take it up and speak to him about a price on changing out the tensioner.

don't think I'll sleep much tonight, can't wait to drive her again  :grin: