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« on: 28 October 2013, 19:56 »
Today I went to Badger5 so I could confirm my overboosting is the result of the Midland Turbo recon I have on the car. After the first couple of runs on the dyno with the N75 unplugged the worst was confirmed. The turbo is at fault and causing major boost creep. So Bill looked into things a bit deeper and found a Revo map on the ecu but it had been deactivated and wss running in standard mode. Bill turnt the map back on and the car produced a 27psi run with 275bhp, So much for the car being standard. Bill modded the map in order to make it 'safe' and I left with 261bhp, the car drives 100 times better than it did. Its so smooth and effortless now. So now the plan is to remove the Turbo and have Dan@bbt port it to cure the boost creep and once refitted I will return to Bill to have the Revo removed and one of Bill's custom maps put on. In all its been a productive day. Bill is a true gent, thoroughly enjoyed the chat I had with him and the service was second to none. I am from now on a loyal Badger5 customer. If anyone else is thinking of having work done then look no further. You will be in safe hands with Bill.

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Re: Badger5
« Reply #1 on: 31 October 2013, 13:54 »
I to am heavily indebted to Bill

He is assisting me with my engine upgrade and will be fitting the final touches in the next few months and mapping the new DTA engine management.
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